Maendeleo Chap Chap- Gov. Mutua constructs 21Km road in 3.5 hours









even socialite lawyers have some pee to pee on others’ work. thought socialites were too good to do the toilet thingy…

I have always maintained that Gov. Mutua is a political conman.

Oo common wanateta hakuna barabara, wakijengewa moja wanateta imejengwa haraka. Being a leader is hard bana!

All of a sudden people are road engineers, but they suddenly get surprised when work is done

Some socialites are so daft. They should stick to their lane. The road pavement structure is solely dependent on the axle load expected on the road for its lifetime. There is no one generic pavement structure!

btw injinias @inzhener otmetka @Fala 12 , soil injinia @introvert

with enough manpower and cutting edge technology is this possible ?

@Simiyu22 … Nairobi News wouldn’t qualify as a good source of information. In fact, it’s Daily Nation’s ragtag entertainment channel. Any good report should focus on what the county has done, how much has been spent, what the residents are saying and similar roads built by the county government.

Back to the subject. Machakos County is vast and before the county government came into place, there were few tarmacked roads here and there. However, some key roads were not tarmacked and some of the tarmacked roads were thinning out. Some roads were nothing more than cattle tracks.

I wish the so-called experts would actually spent some time on the roads built by Machakos County government. I would also wish that they had traversed the county before the roads were built. Any analysis with without those two key ingredients should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.

:smiley: @introvert kuja tafathali. Rebuttal needed here.

This is an absolute waste of cash. He should be surcharged.

i dont know much about roads @shocks will be better placed to answer that…,my thoughts i will reserve for now

You and I have maintained the same statement

I once used kangundo road to KBC then Machakos. That road is Good bwana. I thought I was in Kisii. The mienders uphill. Huyu jamaa amefanya job let’s just be realistic.

Same here, sijawai guzana na roads, but this question was discussed in my campo class group na wase walisema it’s bullshit. Apparently maintanance bill ya ile road alijenga 2014 inakaribia cost of construction

I do not know enough about this road for an informed comment, but someone here has dismissed it.

Umeitwa soil inginia. That is killing me. Huyu wetu mazee is something else. He is a banker. Alijulia wapi mambo ya roadworks? :D:D:Dnampenda sana kwa hii blog as he is a character and a half. Kiombi mashuhuri.

My thoughts:.road could be well done but that time is overly exegerated…
I have used the kithimani road several times and i would say that Maintanance cost nearing construction cost is a load of BS

It could be that engineers are being petty coz. an outsider is teaching them a thing or two, but I trust the ninja who said it

:mad: take that “like” back if you know what’s good for you

Wacha afanye kazi at least its visible stop hating