maduro cant eat meat in peace

Impoverished Venezuelans have reacted with fury after videos of President Nicolas Maduro gorging on succulent pieces of meat in a restaurant owned by a celebrity Turkish chef went viral. you know this chef.[ATTACH=full]194207[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]194208[/ATTACH]

Uhuru pia alikula kwa huyu chef last week…ama ilikua Photoshop?

Apana, ilikuwa photohome

Mimi huyo chef hunikalia homosexual and you know my radical antihomos stance

This guy has more kids than you… I doubt he’s gay

:D:D kuna jamaa ali ni accuse hapa ati kuwa na watoi mob ni kuficha my inner ga*ness . Fanya hio course work and come back with your thesis.

Kwani jamaa ni mbukusu? Hao watoto ni wengi

Propaganda ya waamerika. Kwani mshahara ya Maduro haiezi afford steak expensive ? Ata Nkurunziza anaeza afford na hakuna mtu anag’ang’ana kumng’oa yet Burundi is a country of…you know…paupers. Bus driver is being singled out with a purpose. What makes the difference is Burundi is a country of avocados and Venezuela is a country of oil. Al Amriki wanataka kung’oa Maduro ndo wakunywe mafuta ya venezuela bila stress.

To be honest, even without American interference he is a failure. He is just not good enough to be president.

unatetea jinga imedrive inflation to unimaginable levels? Nyi watu hunishangaza.

Chavez was just lucky to be at the helm during the oil boom days. Even him right now would not have hacked it with such a large welfare state. I saw a documentary where a salonist’s week’s wages is only enough to purchase a bar of soap or a soda.

And the problem is the leaders are unwilling to admit their socialist policies have failed.

He even disbanded the National Assembly. Then the state oil company workforce was bloated in a bid to employ almost all Venezuelans. It was not even able to aportion money for R&D or equipment upgrade. The Gringos/Yankees may be the preferred bogey man for Latino Regimes but hapa Caracas sucked its own dick for far too long and forgot to look up and spot the gathering dark clouds.

Ni makosa yao wenyewe tu…poor fiscal policies…over reliance on oil and their communism which caused them to be isolated

People like you should be banned from Facebook because of your very low IQ

Socialism doesn’t work! A welfare state can’t prosper! These lazy Venezuelans were blinded by handouts, acha wakule ujinga yao, political class wakikula steak. But they are not too different from Kenyans.

huyo mtoi huyu boyz alicheswo. anafanana na Pablo escobar. afadhali yule ako far right njaro zake zinasho kwa mbali. huyu atafungua biz ya chemsha wet fry kando ya Nusr.

The arabs seems to have a solution, they seem to be doing good on oil money, ama what do they do differently. Considering they don’t do much all labor is imported, at least the Venezuelans work on their fields

I don’t mind being banned from facebook

Ignorance is bliss… Sweden is a successful socialist country but you will never hear it mentioned :smiley:

When you boldly state that, “a welfare state can’t prosper!” I wonder what you’re smoking because Finland, Norway and Denmark are welfare states and they are very prosperous states:D:D
If democratic socialism is so bad, why is Norway so great? | The Week
[COLOR=rgb(85, 57, 130)]American conservatives have one international example in their case against democratic socialism: Venezuela. That country is ostensibly socialist and undergoing a severe economic crisis — so bad they’re running out of toilet paper, — and therefore leftism always causes economic disaster. The initial problem with this argument is that Venezuela is not a real democracy, as President Nicolas Maduro has been blatantly rigging constitutional and electoral processes to cling to power. Venezuela may embrace socialism, but it definitely doesn’t embrace democratic socialism.
[COLOR=rgb(85, 57, 130)]
A more important rejoinder to this argument is Norway (and the other Nordic countries to a lesser extent). Norwegian workers are heavily protected, with 70 percent of workers covered by union contracts, and over a third directly employed by the government. The Norwegian state operates a gigantic sovereign wealth fund, and its financial assets total 331 percent of its GDP (as compared to an American figure of 25 percent). Meanwhile, its state-owned enterprises are worth 87 percent of GDP. Of all the domestic wealth in Norway, the government owns 59 percent, and fully three-quarters of the non-home wealth (as most Norwegians own their home).

[SIZE=5]Norway is not some destitute hellscape. Indeed, not only are Norwegian stores well-stocked with toilet paper,[/SIZE][SIZE=6] it is actually considerably more wealthy than the U.S., with a GDP of over $70,000 per person. [/SIZE][SIZE=5]Even when you correct for the moderately large oil sector (which accounts for a bit less than a quarter of its exports), it still has a cutting-edge, ultra-productive economy — far from some petro-state living off oil rents like Dubai.[/SIZE]

Socially, it routinely ranks as the happiest (2017) or second-happiest (2018) country in the world. The rest of the Nordics are also usually among the top five as well — even more remarkable when you factor in the phenomenon of seasonal affective disorder and the extreme northerly position of the Scandinavian peninsula.