Madova alituenjoi

So i decided to buy an item via; the one site that ilipigiwa debe by @madova and so i sent them an email to enquire. Majibu niliyapata…
Well, @ol monk na @Luther12, you were right. @madova didn’t do his research.
On the other hand @The_Virus managed to ship in his item via but unfortunately almost 2 weeks down the line am yet to get a response from them, despite several enquiries.
Sasa naona my option is only vitumob (Savostore are too damn expensive!!!). Or is there a Ktalker with a different option available?

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You haven’t got a response from Kentex cargo in 2 weeks?

Jo!! And i sent a 4th request less than a week ago; same item. Hamna response…

lol that website name is unfortunate


:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You’re lucky you got a response. Been waiting for one from goodsexpress for over a month now, nothing forthcoming.

DHL never fails

a good case of subliminal seduction right there…

I think you guys declared DHL being expensive. But its convenient

Am sorry to hear that.I tried to ask around whether they ship in kenya without any success.
They ship where i am.

Mzae tulia bana.:oops:

Yenyewe hapo ulitubeba mafala.

hii ilikua heka…hic…aya taken to a whole weird level


I’ve used it and can attest to that. Use it only for stuff you need urgently/immediately or for fragile and/or valuable items that you wouldn’t ‘trust’ anyone else to handle. They’re very efficient by the way. And fast too.

Guys,Do this since they ship in Kampala where am based.request whatever you want.Hit my inbox i will give you details and contacts.Order the stuff then i will put it on a bus then pick it in Nairobi.As long you send the cash when the goods arrive.
Please note.Am not intrested in any ones money i have mine.
All i want is to help.
Ngoja usikie wasee wakisema vile nataka kuwacon.

Good of you. Another issue I noticed, they have limited paymant options.

Boss, that i cant tell.May be KRA is tight while in other places they have loop holes to bring in goods i guess.

Hapana, niliangalia smoke signal:D:D:D:D:D:D. Hata kwa junk mail. Nothing.

Nimeshangaa. To Kampala and not Nairobi…

miimi nasema hii kampuni ni bandia na mandova ama ni bendova awekwe ndani akule maharagwe