Madakitari na wazazi saidieni

Sasa I have an issue.
My nigglet is sick… Or Not.

Since this morning he’s been really lethargic,
Hajachangamka… here’s how I know… Hajalilia Laptop ama simu n when I was starting the car he didn’t budge…

He hasn’t been diarrhearing or puking
But his Head gets REALLY REALLY HOT.

His temperature is between 38 - 39.8 haijafika 40 all day.

Tumeenda spitali nikalipa bills almost 6k…blood tests and all nikaambiwa he’s okay…we only need to give paracetamols…I kinda CALPOL.

I was pissed. Went to two other paediatricians just to confirm… Wote wananikujia na CALPOL ama Panadol.

My theory is mtu alimwangalia na jicho baya while in the village…vile @Nyarwath had said kitambo in a thread…

What could be the matter with him? Kamelala saii kakaamka Abit changamkaad after dosing him with CALPOL but hajafika happy bado…[SIZE=3] nigglet ako 8 months sahii[/SIZE]

Usijali,he will be ok,bora doc amesema hamna issue

Niglet? You raising a faggot? Must be Darwin.

onset of a fever brought about with temperature changes but bado haijamanifest.A good sleep will suffice.chances are, atakataa food kama ni wa kudish .atakua poa buda ustie shaka.wangu is turning 6mts kesho anakuaga na moodswings akikalishwa kwa jua ,calpol husaidia,natembeaga na tule tu sachets hadi kwa wallet :D:D:D:D

Sande Sana lakini Ni kichwa pekee inachemka…tukiwekelea towel baridi towel.inachemoa pia…for real…naona nikiweka ice cubes Kwanza hi teddy bear ya majimoto…

Just keep him under observation. Monitor and note everything so that you can provide that info on your next paediatric visit.

Most of these issues turn out ok. Is this your first born?

Yep he is…saii he is better namuona akiendea wire za TallBoys akivuta imwangukie alafu Alie nitajua ako poa

Fever of undetermined significance is common in pediatrics as it can be brought by a myriad of causes. Monitor the situation carefully for any signs of deterioration. Antipyretics, like Calpol and Panadol, are important because fever can cause seizures in kids under 5 years. If he doesn’t improve in the next 24-48 hours you should get a 4th/5th opinion.

Kama blood work is fine, he is fine. Just a running virus. Will keep him down for two days then it clears.

My fren you must be a new parent. Kitu kidogo unapeleka hosi. Utakuja kujua. Imagine unapigiwa simu kipii amegongwa na gari na amekuja home bila kusumbua asichapwe. Ama his friends wanakuja kureport amekunywa maji ya battery wakicheza na kuna vile hakai poa…

Should symptoms persist, it would be safer to assume there is an underlying problem that lab tests have not identified so far. Thats why @Purple and I are suggesting that he keeps that child under very close observation. Note down everything, but don’t panick.

I like your idea, lakini my guess is that this kid is less than 2.

If he is active, its a good sign. Kids do not have a well developed immune system so a small infection can result in serious symptoms.

I’m not a doctor so take my opinion with extreme caution.

I’m no doctor but I’ve been there too many times.
Temperature ikipanda and the signs of fever are always a sign of a passing fever.
Most honest paediatricians will send you home and recommend panadol etc… but in Kenya they will probably try to screw you for a bit of cash.
Kids will be kids and by the time you have your third, you will know that the best cure for fevers and high temperature is paracetamol, undressing them and sitting them Infront of the telly, logging on to YouTube and you and them watching something like this while they cool down.

You get to safisha macho with Siah’s mum while they watch Super Siah!
And Everyone’s happy!

Sometimes bloodwork reveals something minor, like a probable viral illness. Instead of making a fuss out of minor bloodwork findings the docs will probably recommend anti fever meds and chase you home.

kangu kaliexibit hizo symptoms last week but ni flu ilikuwa inamlemea. Kalipewa calpol kakatulia… Just made sure ako hydrated vizuri

Kuna ile paracetamol inaingizwa kwa matako, wekea yeye hiyo the fever will disappear na kausingizi kaingie after that 2 days atakua sawa…

Just checking on how the little one is doing. A fever just by itself normally doesn’t worry me much, unless it goes on for more than two days or is accompanied by other unusual activities ( or inactivity). At that age he might be teething.

There is some meds anaekwa kwa mkia na fever inaisha within minutes.

Lakini kuwa mpole all should be well.

Na kumbe tuko pamoja mtoto asipolilia simu na laptop he/she aint okay.

I wouldn’t advise medication unless prescribed by a pediatrician. By the way there’s very little (almost no) over the counter medication for under 2.5 years old. Fresh orange juice (get fresh oranges and squeeze) and a little bit of old school cod liver oil does wonders.