Mad Max Fury Road !

Awesome Movie. Watch it if you can…
The torrent is below:

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Saw it at the top at katproxy, needed that nudge.

kuna HD copy torrents

Next time enda uone movie unaanticipate kwa cinema. Si expe and the experience is worth it.

Cinemas are full of butthurt fanatics and pretentious tryhards.

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Broke ass maafaka

Downloaded the HEVC 1080P ya shaanig.quality looks time is 2 hours so will watch over the weekend.

Only if you go there at peak hours and immediately on release. Go on a sunday morning and you will be alone and enjoy it.

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English translation?

The only cinema experience thats worth it is I-MAX, hizi zingine ni kutupa pesa even if tey are cheaper. Wait for a 3d action movie and if you feel 8soc is too much go for the 10am show, its 4soc.

before watching this movie, download and watch the Mad Max trilogy movies starring Mel Gibson. You will love the continuity.

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lol thank you. sunday morning niko imax

watched jurasic park last weekend.shit was awesome,great

kwani it continues from the old trilogy,fuck

waiting for the new terminator,trailer looks awesome

Its loosely connected. There maybe a reference here or there to the earlier films. You wont miss anything if you dont watch the first ones. I barely remember them.

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Quick question… Is there a difference in watching a 3D (or any other) movie at IMAX vs. any other non- IMAX theaters e.g Century Cinemax at Nakumatt Junction or Fox Cineplex at Sarit? I am looking at both Convenience and Experience but wouldn’t want to trade the latter for the former…
Can anyone share their experience? All these theaters offer 3D…

i cannot describe a 3D movie,you have to experience it for best 3D movie was the amazing spiderman(2012) the special effects were unbelievable,as for non 3D movies in an imax screen hakuna tofauti,i remember watching the last batman movie(dark night rises 2012) and didnt see any difference.
bottom line is IMAX tickets are expensive so if its not 3D dont watch it on an IMAX screen

Thank @junkie.

About halfway into it… nice movie

Currently downloading Mad Max 1979

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