Maasai are not black n other stories

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White People and their Shit…

Maasai ni ordinary nilotic bonobos. Watu najua si 100% African ni Ethiopians and Some Somali tribes

Yts still dividing us up to this day. Fellas should just chill and leave us alone

That nyeuthi history from a muzungu anthropologist and Portuguese slavers documents may or may not be accurate on some fact e.g masai and tutsi

Its possible there isn’t a single nyeuthi here who can challenge anything he says from a point of knowledge of said history. e.g we don’t have African authored deeply researched authoritative and truthful African history being taught in school education systems across the continent.

We have education systems that departing colonialist designed to produce a Nyeuthi that would best serve the interests of the former colonizers.

That’s why a huge (unacceptable) %age of the best and brightest BRAINS Africa produces are out there working for the former colonizers.