Ma ya ngai @Meria Mata.

Yaaaaaaaani @Meria Mata ,
I can hitch hike a ride from mlolongo with my chapos ,tea and the things you wanted to come and find you playing a game of hide and seek with me!
I have just seen mutheu getting out of your msedes benz…you told me you had stopped sleeping with these cheap women.

Can they even write you love poems like I do?
can they even write?

NIMETUPA FUNGUO ZA MSEDES…NA SIMU YAKO PIA! try swimming in the burst banks to get them back.
Look at you hiding like a vagabond!!!

sinakuona vizuri sana…jifiche tu kwa turela ya Ndirangu!!:mad::mad::mad::mad:
We are done.

Another Ktalk divorce in less than 24 hours?
Am glad the only female who fancies me in ktalk is @Female Perspective and we all know she’s after my money.

Sponsorship is easier I see.

Scavengers circling the crime.scene. rebound sex is the best this side of heaven

i wish you knew the story behind the guy in blanket

halafu ile mbwa homo mzee @FieldMarshal CouchP inajaribu kukatia huyu dem

@pseudonym welcome to my world

Do tell

Si @introvert utakuwa busy hii wiki.

Dad, @Meria Mata , ngahuruka kuigua mitugo into yaku rí?
Mum @pseudonym , woooi samehea aki staki step mum mwingine

ume wai nyonywa KUMA mpaka ukalia kibukusu ?

Eeish VC hizi ni gani tena my fren?

i dont want to derail the thread.Let the drama continue

Nawaona tu… ati KTalk power couple…

There’s some odd air Ktalk men are breathing this month.

bonjour mecanicien de motocyclette,?

Ktalk power chieth!
My revenge will be short and brutal.

Bonjour chieth ong’er.

ngoma eno