M pesa line for sale

Am selling an m pesa line for kshs 25000/=.All the commissions will be sent to you directly from safaricom.

How much are you selling it


mshida za kuwank

Kuwank na kunyi ya mamako!!!

Boss hio 25000 sio number ya line…ni pesa.

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I thought these lines are free. What would I be paying for exactly? Location, customers, facilities, deposit??? What?

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:D:DJesus wept.


Very much.

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:DWacheni ujinga:D

Mukikuyu Mwenzangu,

Iyo line iko na whatsapp


you want us to buy a line for 25k na kwa shop ni 100/-?

“you want us to buy a line for 25k na kwa shop ni 100/-?”

Hii ni laini ya mpesa boss si ya kawaida

Explain how i will get the money from safaricom? whats to stop you from going to safaricom and asking for a new sim once i fork over 25k? Or why your line is worth 25k?

Kweli wewe ni funda,google sarcasm

This offer is not charming at all.

25k kwani ni railway line