M-pesa (Early Access) app

Now, since the old mySafaricom has stopped working and removed from playstore, and the new mySafaricom app is just horrible and a disgrace to app devs, I’d like to alert you of a third app by safaricom called “M-pesa (Early Access)” which is still in beta testing.
Here are a few things i found interesting:

  • After logging in you can use any internet (other line, wifi) for operation, a feature removed from the new mySafaricom
  • Biometric authorization for all transactions
  • All usage and balances displayed in the dashboard
  • Many other few changes and fixes which shows that here safaricom are heading to the right direction application-wise.

Search for it and check it at playstore .

Safaricom walishindwa kureplicate m-ledger analytics but its overall nice app compared to mysaf

Bio metric authorization for all transactions… not a nice feature.

I cannot trust the official Safaricom app. I have less trust in a third-party one especially if the code is closed-source and unaudited.

Excuse me (a layman), but is logging via wifi to such money apps suciedal?

Nope. “Security reasons” is hogwash. That’s among the most loathsome lies from Safaricom. Why do banks not insist on using their network for mobile transactions?

My best bet is that the app does some nefarious stuff and thus requiring their network to prevent network analysis and packet capture.

Last time I checked you could not install the Safaricom app on a rooted phone which would allow system debugging.

Hehe. I thought Wifi and bluetooth are bad news

These guys are overambitious!!
Why didn’t they just focus on improving the old MySafarisom App, because everything in the New MySafaricom App was in the old one. Now, they are developing an independent M-Pesa app, yet, the services in this app are in MySafaricom App, and if there’s anything new, it can still be integrated. What’s so hard in just updating the Mpesa service, which is already in MySafaricom App, to make it better? They even have an independent app called SafaricomHome, which helps in the monitoring and management of Home Fiber. However, what’s the need of SafaricomHome when the services in this application are accessible via MySafaricom App? How many Safaricom applications will consumers have to install in their gadgets to enjoy Safaricom services? The data usage of the old MySafarisom App used to be zero-rated. Now, you can’t access MySafarisom App without active data bundles. Their ambitiousness is quite baffling.

You cannot log in via wifi. At least to conduct any transaction you require your sim card’s internet on

The app is not third-party, it’s from safaricom. I’m yet to see open source banking apps, if they really do exist. You can inform me on that if I’m wrong.

The first login required your simcard of course. But after that you can transact over any stable internet. I tested that.

This is big.
I believe they’re angling to decouple Mpesa from safaricom. Kind of a stand-alone app/division . Sometime back they appointed their CFO as head of MPesa
Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and his Fintech launched in Nigeria last year. They’re also the owners of Cash App. Pia Stripe acquired paystach for 20B.
So, if Mpesa doesn’t go independent, the sharks are coming

I like the Mpesa Business App

The initial mySafaricom app had a really good way of accessing the platinum/post pay dashboard for billing etc, they deprecated it for a USSD interface.

in the new app,they have such a feature…hapo kwa statements.

Mledger ilikua ya safaricom?

They want safaricom to work with Huawei in the future without hurting Mpesa.

Safaricom has always been working with Huawei. Must be its biggest partner and supplier.
The issue ya Huawei being banned by USA is a purely competition issue. Mostly because of USA & Europe kuzabaa and not having an equivalent competitor at the scale of Huawei.
The US won’t succeed in curtailing Huawei’s business in KE or Africa at large as we owe more money to the Chinese than them.

Safaricom main core is all Huawei. Huawei, being a major threat to some large telco manufacturers globally has made it face major mudslinging e.g. the US 5G issue and getting accused of spying.