And people invest in this nonsense? [ATTACH=full]131104[/ATTACH]

2020 ndio upate 250 bob, nonsensical considering the rate of inflation

interest is 10% per annum tax free interest is payable after every 6months.Kuivest 5k ni upuss tafta doo ya maana

Will investing more change rate?

And from the screenshot is the period between today and 06/04/2020 one year?
Is sh250, 10% of sh5000…? Ama wewe kwa hio kikundi yenu ya wamama ulisikia wakisema nini?


Hii ni nini?

The bond has a tunure of 3yrs that is upto 2020…so I don’t know whether its your nokla that has a problem en then again the buying period expired. And yeah my kikundi of wa mamas we have invested en not any where close to those peasants you’ve put up there.