What happened to these nicotine pouches. Can’t find any in shops.

They were banned by mutahi kagwe

Ooh our daft policy makers… That is the trend worldwide smokeless nicotine products, e-cigarettes, reduced harm products…

Mi nimefikiria unaongelea ile defunct taxi app kumbe ni cancer unaulizia

Nope… And lyft the taxi is thriving huko US


Acha marketing

Unacheza na big tobacco. You think BAT was going to let any competitors set up shop in Kenya?

It is owned by BAT…

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Well damn, now I feel like an idiot :smiley:

watu wakuona conspiracy in everything

Not banned. They were being marketed under the Poisons Act, which means less tax on BAT. Kagwe insisted they have to be marketed and sold as tobacco products under the Tobbaco Control Act, meaning more tax, health warnings like in cigarettes, and payment of solatium (like tax) to the Ministry of Health. The issue is still under appeal to be heard on Feb. if appeal fails, BAT will just accept and charge more for the product.