Luxury Car Purchase Plan But KRA...

Does KRA check the list of luxury car buyers against their tax returns? Yaani kama wamekuwa wakipata nil returns from me then niingie pale DT Dobie and purchase a brand spanking new G63AMG, should one expect summons? Or after importing a car worth over KES10m hivi? What will they base the amount they’ll demand from me on?

They wouldn’t care. Bora they collect their import duties. Then later on start chasing your later returns. It’s a double win for them if they don’t hustle you at the beginning.

Rigathi alisema KRA isisumbue watu

They are supposed to follow up. You might be unlucky to find a hungry KRA staff you will demand you provide your income statements for the last 5 years to justify your current worth.

Waambie Riggy G alisema msisumbuliwe

Riggy G alisema KRA iache kusumbua hustlers.

Na ukaamini, KRA na police ni kitu moja. They can mess a man

Sisis kama high IQ tax avoiders hununua magari na mashamba through our tax compliant companies.

What if mtu aseme ilikuwa surprise gift from a relative living abroad??

Still will pay taxes on it

Serikali ni ya mama mboga na wheelbarrow man. Sasa vitu kama ivi hustler atasaidia saana. KRA wachana na wakenya from Rigathi Machungwa

Start a company. Have the company buy the car. Lease the car to yourself at very low prices. Company covers the insurance, fuel, maintenance, etc and gets tax cuts for all expenses. Do this with all your property.

KRA are very much aware of this…and this benefits will be valued and taxed. You’ll be calling for an audit if out of the blues a new company buys a luxury vehicle.

Of course you can only do this if you have $1 million kind of money and it should be easy to show how a luxury vehicle helps your business. And you don’t have to lease it to yourself alone. You can market it as a luxury car hire on steroids.

@Xtreme has been filing nil returns

The KRA employee tasked to investigate you & your wealth is afraid of his head being found in Karura forest & his body in River Yala.

Tax is applicable to the struggling poor ONLY, since they Don’t have the capacity & resources to revenge.

You count it as a income. Then you owe tax on that income. And tax on the car. You are better off not telling them it’s a gift.

Are you sure. Mutula Kilonzo owed several million in taxes. He was paying through his ass.