Luwere Itumbi

Nini inakula hawa watu ?


kwani hujui shakahola wakona branch statehouse ! watu huko wame fungishwa cha nguvu , either that or the ghost of Bongoko Bosire is haunting him !


Lakini the world is very funny. You would have thought that winning the presidency woulda been the epitome of their success na expect them to glow and shine but less than year already watu wanateseka jameni.


kula madem dry fry

Deno Matumbe clearly is on a weight loss prog, due to underlying health issues …

Dude has been poisoned…never a good idea accessing top level secrets…kitakuramba baadaye

noma sana it is said we should never meet our super heroes. It is the case here, they have achieved the epitome of success and realized it is underwhelming

I remember three years ago someone on Facebook warning him that once you start being given access to military intelligence and NIS intelligence information by some shadowy individuals for propaganda purposes your time is slowly running out. They will wipe you out soon after.

Celebrating another’s buggers demise prematurely…jimbambeni

A friend from Rwanda who happens to be a close relative to the current president suffered the same fate. Kwanza hio yellowing and sudden weight loss…he was saved by medics from Wits University SA…if I was itumbi natoroka kenya mbio sana

:D:D ugonjwa yake ni contagious

:D:D mambo kama hizi ndio hufanya naingia mahali nakula my favorite dish, alafu nataoka aste aste bila stress. Yani defining success ni ngumu sana. Bora tu mtu ako healthy na hana deni ya kumtoa jasho.

nothing is worth ‘classified’ in a shithole country.
a negroe like babuon who has moles and sympathisers everywhere get the same briefing on importance matters jambass gets every morning to the coma.

Effects of anus licking hizi, unameza kigunyo

@sani kwani ile Ukimwi ya state house inashika hadi wafanyi kazi ? lakini mbona rachel ameanza kunona


Leave the guy alone. Health issues are very sensitive na hajawakamulia bibi. Let the man be.

@spear what seems to be the problem?

Aende restorative therapy South Africa ama UK.