Luwere city.

Wigan 1-0 city FA si ya mama ya mtu.


Aguero atakula ban?

Never bet in football

Wigan pia wanaeza kula fine for not controlling their fans…

Nataka Aguero sana ndio weekend asicheze

I personally hate man city. They are an unwelcome guest interfering in the rivalry between Arsenal and Man Utd fans.

since when?

Yes, city.

Hawa ndio walikuwa na odds za 23?

Relax. They’re doing very well. The league is theirs to lose.

I personally like them because they’re a full attack team. They score and get scored in the process. Not like ManU which is a big bus, or Arsenal which is a like a leaky pipe always letting water through.

Or like Chelsea, which is just a weird team with strange players who have girly tendencies. One moment they’re on fire, the next they’re at the salon have their nails done.

Na Guardiola pia…

Pep guardiola na unai emery ni kitu moja wako na ujinga sana

hehehehe. was very happy with wigan.
citeh are a good team but kiburi ilikua imeanza- assuming all 4 trophies are theirs. nothing like a loss to a league 1 team to bring them back to earth.

:D:D:D:D:D:D, has @gashwin read this post?

:eek::D:D:D:D:D:Dvery fair assessment