@luther12 daktari help

lately am having this problem…at times when i stand up after sitting for a while i feel really light headed,seriously dizzy .i dont smoke cigs,maybe weed occasionally,and i stopped drinking daily now its ocassionally.kama sasa last time i drank was sunday…should i go to hosi ama tu it will pass.??

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Orthostatic hypotension. Unless there’re other associated signs and symptoms, shouldn’t worry you.

Suggested further reading:


Early signs of being diabetic!
Enda hosi for a checkup ASAP!

No need to worry. It i will pass. I have been experiencing it on and off…but first of all enda hosi ufanyiwe checkup.

thanks guys

@CORNERS your take?

pass…no comment

Comments nazo :D:D:D:D:D

Sounds like the side effects za vasectomy, I had them for about a 67 days after the procedure but now am ok

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I find that quite courageous! I hate any form contraception, apart from condoms! Pills,injections…No I can’t! Yet some of our men insist on them instead of getting a goddamn vasectomy!

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Relax … It was a joke.

Anyway, lets not derail this thread, I think the discussion on vasectomy is sensitive and should be done in another thread