@Luther, @Mayekeke serious allegations here

Ok, I visited some two brothels a while back and heard some stories about 2 of my fellow talkers and, as a good brother’s keeper, tried to defend them. Lakini sasa nataka kusikia toka kwao kama ni ukweli ama wanaonewa;

Brothel 1 SJ: Overheard some 2 ladies talking about a doctor, client wa SJ, who usually gives pokos his ATM card to go withdraw money and come back with it so that he can buy them food and drinks. I got a bit curious and asked one of the ladies if this is indeed true, the lady pointed at the man in question (who was in deep conversation with a poko SJ) and told me chics prefer him coz he usually spoils them and takes them home (kwake) but he never rises to the occasion (never fcuks them). Poko anajaribu mpaka BJ lakini wapi, the good doc just sleeps and pays the lady around 10k in the morning. The man I was shown fits the description of our own @Luther12 from what @The_Atheist had described in an earlier post. @Luther12 ni wewe kweli ama waonewa?

Brothel 2 Good Hope: I was negotiating with a momo until a certain man walked in and the momo left me na kumkimbilia huyo bwana. Unfortunately some other momo had gotten to the man first, so this momo comes back to me and ask “ati ulikuwa unataka kutoa ngapi shot?” I asked her who that man is, she said he is Abdallah (read @mayekeke ) and women prefer him coz he never fcuks them. He takes them to the room and asks the lady to remove the panty (if the lady had it on already) and panua only, this guy then starts kawasaking while looking at the fully displayed nini mpaka ana cum then pays the woman 1k. So whenever this Abdallah guy shows up in this brothel ma momo humkimbilia. @mayekeke , huyu ni wewe kweli?

Evidence waambieni hao wawili watoe kukanusha mashtaka


wanaume jiteteeni:D:D

:D:D:D uwache Vangi… Good hope ni wapi? The only brothels I’ve visited are SJ and 3 Eden.

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@Mwenyewe …uko na ufala mob sana:D:D:D:D:D:D

hahahaha @Mwenyewe umeanika mafisi wacha wajitetee


Fangi na mbegu soaked in shang’aa

@Mwenyewe hio report ulikuwa unamalizia ni ya nini juu inakaa imekuchizisha



Unataka wajitetee waseme nini na umeshapeana story yote??

@Mwenyewe supplier Ana material kali

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@Mwenyewe , maraya watakumaliza:D:D:D

Hehe BTW, there guys who pay for the said services

Hahahaha hii imekojolewa na punda

typical kenyan behaviour, you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent…and if we will have lynched you before you could we move on swiftly to other things…

msicheke, kesho atakuja na stori ya sheyvonne kwa garage ngara ati kila mechanic anamdai because wao humwambia shida ni back left tire iko front right na analipia consultation na for correction services
Hii story ataundia kila mtu

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Hehe walks away whistling…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: your imagination fails you! :D:D:D

Evidence dismissed. Does not meet court standards. Guilty as charged

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Scene 1 is very fake, can never happen, why would anyone throw away 10K just like that and on top of it take a very big risk taking a poko to his house. scene 2 is very possible, maybe to satisfy a fantasy or being plain wacko which is perfectly within normal limits.

Personal experience?