Lusaka Vs Weta

So Weta will be reporting your honour sir to Ken Lusaka. Interesting dynamics


Tuliona lini huko mukuru?

I have a request.

Please please never have a baby.

Hii ujinga iishe tu nawewe usituzalie watoto wajinga


Sema pillport kukula a humble pie. But politics have no permanent enemies

Who told him to go back to the Senate when he had a 5th. of a chance to be a king in Canaan?

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Are you trying to make a preamble of petition loss?


ndio inafanya ukiwa na 50 years na bado hujaoa?

It is only interesting to you. To them, it is just another opportunity to fuck you together; Lusaka in the pussy Weta in the arse or vice versa. You receive it double regardless. Comprehende?