since youve done wide research on electronics kindly tell me a solution to this prob…
how does one remove the small probe of an Rca cable which broke and stuck inside the audio port of an LED screen…

Push it out from inside…open up the unit.

davidee i opened the unit and discovered its soldered firmly to the motherboard nikaona soldering inaeza niletea problems…

weka supaglue kidogo kwa plastic ya biro then pull itatoka


This might work well…

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Davidee i see we think a like i tried but nikaona the biro tube was hollow hence i looked for a toothpick cut it and stuck it for a few minutes haikutoka did it again but these time ive left it for some time nione ka itatoka…

  1. Get a paper clip and straighten it out. Make a slight curve (about 30 degrees), 3 mm from one edge
  2. Grip it using a pliers and heat it on [important] a gas cooker flame till it’s red hot
  3. The broken RCA terminal should be metallic cased, and plastic inside. Insert the hot tip inside the plastic and allow 1 minute for cooling
  4. Pull out the broken tip
  5. Thank me later

Why use rca yu know hdmi?

vuja de thats genius il try that…

webdev it aint mine it belongs to a friend am helping him out

Him? kwani he’s physically challenged?
Some men!


Naona ushajibiwa tayari. Give us a feedback as you try it out. Oh, and it’s Luther. :smiley:

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not just Luther, Dr. Luther

He he, I was wondering Lurther ni kitu gani?