Lupin season 2 is back


How is Lil Baby related to this series? ama ur just hyped?

Anyway, just like season 1, its too short with only 5 episode of around 40 minutes so in just over 3 hours you’ll be done and dusted. We’ve been left
in suspense just like season 1 and season 3 has been confirmed for next year 2022.

flashback za the young Assan with his mlami girlfriend bado ni kibao but this time more juicy and explicit !

Bado, check

Exactly the first thing that came to mind. Probably just wanted comments on the same but was afraid a stand alone thread would not achieve the same

5 fucking episode’s that shit is annoying…:mad:

Hustle also had 6 episodes per season but it was a good Series.

but many new series will be either 10 episodes or at most 16. the 23 episode per season is slowly been killed off
tutavumilia tu.

Hii ufala ya episodes tano naichukia vibaya sana. If the episodes are fewer then they should make them longer.

akina 24 banae zilikuwa 24x8 episodes
ni kama Netchieth wanataka watu waone series mingi
instead ya kuona series moja, unaona inne