Luos shaming Kikuyus by building magnificient houses in their rural homes

Haha i’m in no way a poor man buddy. I said I thought I had a huge mansion until I saw those that were posted on that facebook page. I have quite a sizeable asset base

@Kodiaga hapa kwetu stendi kisa nyumba ya 5 bedroom kwenda juu hujengwa na politicians or those with similar ambitions…my uncles have such. Mimi nimetosheka na nyumba zangu, very modest. That luo dude with ostriches is an old man guy, generational wealth…and he is mostly in the village doing serious farming so hio yake sio dead capital

Hekaya ya jaba

Things change as time passes. I built mine like 15 years ago villagers wakapiga kelele mingi.
Kuna jamaa alikula pesa za county gava ameweka a multi mansion na hakuna kelele. Sasa imekwa normal.
It reminds me of a time when you were a university graduate and everyone knew your name. Nowadays no one gives a shiet when you Flash your PhD.

Poor is a relative state buddy. You are poor compared to the people whose mansions you were admiring.

And you are rich?