Luos' humor is out of this world.

Unapigwa sweep and the same time unapewa hope. If you cant understand then…

My sister wipe your tears and stop crying. Gather all your courage and give this congregation a testimony so that your fellow grandmothers :D:D can hear why you are not married and yet your are 30 years plus. I know you are very bitter but just give it your best.

He he he… Wanamuambia amechapa wall headbutt:D:D:D

Hii kitu imeniua. :D:D:D

Jimeffi utaolewa lini dada yetu

:D:D:D:D you mean ntaoa dadako lini? As soon as I got my money right

I’m laughing at the translation , can only imagine how much funnier it is in mother tongue which has a way of cutting deeper when it comes to sweeps , insults and warnings which English cant get close to !

"fellow grandmothers ":D:D:D:D:D:D:D

:smiley: ni okuyu mmoja tu…saa ii ako in a faraway lands pale Deutschland mtaa flani inajiita Kassel…oa tu maasai ama jaluo ghasia ii

Hapana. Ntaoa iyo Okuyu… as a second wife.of course. Ndo tukule iyo mali anatengen3za apo Deutschland

Yeye hatambui … ni from pure blood lineage…boyfriend ako drumpfland…anataka kuhamia uko…oa maasai ama upige punyeto…though io ngombe ya drumpf siku ipenda…nataka niikamue dowry alafu niruke huko ikeleta umeffi ikule headbutt niingilie mitini kipande ya mexico

We know Okuyu weakness. Once she hears my deep dholuo accent and sees my black as soot skin, and I top it up with a 12 inch msedes then she’s mine.

Never seen a mkuru kwa jenga jaluo kihìì with a yellow yellow…only orangutans from karen make that cut…take a walk peasant

Oh yeah? It happens frequently, except that in this other case its Mama wa Njeri the one with a Harrier and a hubby in top government position being laid. For all I know it could be your mother or auntie, but probably your mother. Acfually most of the time it’s your mom. Do your research enough and respect the Stifmeister.

:D:D Hiyo last paragraph ni mega sweep.

Tahirishwa kihìì unyonywe io mboro yako unasifu na maShoga…:Deven bonobos do not glorify big penises…only @Punda and @Swidfil Makanje…
The only thing a big mboro can help a kihìì jaluo ni kutomba @poyoloko na @Eng’iti mkundu alafu ukufie siaya na ukimwi kama umbwa koko

Mbona hakusaiidii utoke ndani ya sewage?
Hio mavi ya Talkers na wanairobi wengine unashinda kunusa na kudara daily imenza kukulewesha umeacha kufkria straight

Wacha hasira mkisii mjinga…type bangi ikitulia…maziwa ni lato si ya gatheca


umafwi thread by a uncircumcised homosexual @Jimit

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