Luo men are attention hoes: what kind of nonsense is this?

Why should you post such messages on your wall? If you are ready to go, go quietly. No need to cause a furore threatening people with your death. You pple need to man up. Who do you want to pay taxes for you? Nkt.

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Madam, do you have to abuse an entire demographic to get your point across?

The ‘attention hoes’ part was unnecessary.

Listen, I’m 200% Kikuyu, meaning I love Githeri, Ngwaci and Mugithi, but I refuse to look the other way when members of a different tribe are unfairly chastised.

Please find it in your heart to apologize for your transgression.

Love you.


Which transgression? FYI I am a diehard supporter of Baba but his pple are wack. Go see them on tiktok ndio utajua what I mean. These people are wack. I’m telling you. Women are not any better either. Kyuk men kill themselves daily with out these attention seeking posts.

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That’s a depressed person. Major depression is a serious disease. Most who comit suicide are depressed and feel like no one listens to them. Na wengi leave a note, just like the persons above.
In fact it brings closure to the family.


Most people who actually go through with suicide don’t declare their intent beforehand. Uyu ni clout inamuwasha. There’s normally a short spike of normalcy mnafikiria msee wenu finally ameanza kurecover, then suddenly mnapigwa na news amejigenya.


Which tribe are you, male or female? I see many posts from this user, I wonder if they have anything better to do. Should we call that attention freak!
All that said, remove your nose from luos ass, respect yourself and think before posting.

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Why does it go that way? A guy I know had been watching his wife for a year and half. Then she started acting normal, to a point he felt she could be left alone.

One day he left, and on coming back she had committed suicide. That was scary

You are an attention hoe yourself, Sylvia fat amorphous blob!!

Because they usually have resolved to off themselves. Iyo excitement ni ya kujua uko na a short while here and want to make the best of it.

The whole world including tiktok knows that Okiki Odero is the alias for that Meru moron called Makarena mwenye amejaza video za kijinga tiktok akiwa ndani ya landcruiser akisema venye he makes millions per day but anaconda yake haisimami plus yeye ni kiwete.Probably wanna commit suicide because he cant enjoy his millions.

Instead of deleting himself na alete hasara juu ya matanga, si kwanza he donate his kidneys if they are fully functional, akili aende nayo haina shida…(just thinking aloud)


[quote=“TrumanCapote, post:1, topic:474365”]

Give him a strong new rope, and he’ll suddenly start loving life

When people are about to die they get sudden boost of adrenaline and suddenly become fine. When suicidal people make the decision to finally end it, they suddenly become happy and start reminiscing of the good times.

No. They are happy bcz the end of their misery is in sight. It’s not that they’re making the best of the short while they have. It’s the relief of finally ending their pain. Just like Euthanasia they get happier as the end draws near.

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Is this how you respect yourselves and get out of your own asses.

That’s what I wanted to say but I explained it poorly

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Siwezi commit suicide Wacha nikue homeless tao