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A Letter To My Luo Brothers And Sisters
Samson Ogola October 15, 2017

Dear Luo brothers and sisters, why are we on the streets dying? Is it because our tribal leader’s personal political ambition is worth dying for or we are just an egocentric people who think Kenya’s posterity should fit into our political objectives? Talk to me…
Dear brothers and sisters, fellow Luos, I hope you are fine wherever you are.

I believe it was time we, as a community, made some hard choices. We either choose:

Sanity and accept the ugly and bitter truth that the political ambitions of our defacto leader (Raila Odinga) and our tribal ego cannot not be greater than the posterity of Kenya (a nation of more than 44 tribes) or
Insanity by heeding the calls of inciters…those who insist people must die for our Raila to be president…those who ask us to be ready to die in the “struggle to liberate this country”…the ones who remind us that the tree of democracy is watered by the blood of patriot.
Each choice, my people, has consequences. Choice #1 will bruise our tribal ego but will ensure our safety. Luos, like other Kenyans, will resume normal duties and address challenges using available laws.

Choice #2, on the other hand, will massage our already bloated political ego and make us feel special (i.e fearless liberators). But, as you already know, no violence is devoid of casualties. Our sons and daughters will get maimed and some may lose their lives. The rest of us will then litter social media with the usual #LuoLivesMatter hashtag and outrageous demand to secede. Our inciters will be calling hourly pressers to “condemn police brutality” and urge us to go on with “the struggle”…claiming the regime can’t kill us all.

In my informed view, I urge us to go with choice #1. My brothers and sisters, however entitled we may feel, the political leadership of this country is not worth bearing the brute force of the police after every election. The fact of the matter is, for a long time, those who incite us to violence don’t suffer when and as we do.

Luo Politics

For instance, we’ve seen them ordering us to the streets only for them to fail to show up hiding behind busy schedules. And on the very rare instances they showed, they were in armoured (top of the range) vehicles…under tight security. The Luo elite, whose kids barely speak our language, simply show up for the cameras and to motivate/radicalize the poor. This explains why none of those who incite us or their families has ever been injured following running battles with law enforcers.

Allow me to ignore the secession talks with contempt, for I’ve never seen a people who want to form their own country so that their tribal leader and family can lord over them forever. It’s as petty as it is backward. I mean, people talk of secession when their region is deliberately deprived of development and crucial government services. For instance, we could think (not talk and advocate for) secession if:

Luo Nyanza counties were deprived of the devolution fund.
Luo Nyanza was marginalized that we had no medical facilities, no schools, no roads and without electricity
Our people were not part of the public service. I mean, if the government had a hiring freeze on Luo professionals
Not because our Raila has vied for presidency 4 times without success hence the need to create him a country where his election is guaranteed. It’s not a constitutional requirement that a Luo becomes president. So, even remotely thinking about secession on such ground is just stupid.

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Here’s another fact; an ugly truth we’d rather run away from. Our candidate, Hon. Raila lost both the 2013 and the August 2017 elections fairly and squarely. The problem with our leader is that he feels that the political system has to adjust to accommodate him. He wants to introduce anew strain of democracy where the minority have their way as majority are held hostage.

That’s why every time (since 1997) he’s never accepted results, especially when they don’t favor him. In some cases, unfortunately, Raila’s actions have led to bloody bath. Lives have been lost, Luo lives in most cases. It ought not to be my people.

Some things need to change for real. We need to accept that Kenya’s posterity is greater than the political aspirations of Luos or our defacto leader.

My people, it’s highly likely that there’s an election on the 26th October. It doesn’t matter what our tribal leader is saying, any person who will try to disrupt the election by way of violence might end up paying the ultimate price. The question is, should we continue to lose young members of our community in the name of making Raila president? Is there a politician out there whose personal ambition is worth dying for?

Come to think of it, Raila went to the Supreme Court, had the presidential election nullified, refused to campaign, withdrew from election and is now threatening to us to stop an election he begged the courts for. Isn’t that overstretching a sad joke?

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Why would he be so obsessed with a caretaker government (even begging international community to broker it) if he has the numbers to form the next government? The ugly truth is that our man can’t win…he lacks the numbers!

You realize that even in the campaign trail prior to the 8.8.2017 election our man (Raila) never articulated any issues, but had with him a tank full of threats should his victory be stolen?

You realize that the numbers were against him and that the lie of the servers is just that; a lie. It’s people that vote. Not machines.

And no, I don’t believe there was an issue of rigging using the machines. It’s just our man’s way of trying to stay afloat the political turbulence he created. And if we’re not wise, he’ll use us and dump us. Our wives will be rendered widows. Our parents will be made to bury their young. Our kids left fatherless. All because the man we support has refused to accept the reality that he doesn’t enjoy the support of majority, his hunger for power notwithstanding

Dear brethren, we’re ruining the very livelihoods we are dependent on. Those businesses we loot are for our benefit. We’re taking ourselves back economically.

Trust me, I respect your right to support whomever you feel. It’s your right. Sometimes though, you just have to refuse to be used. The pertinent question that still lingers in my mind is; Raila Odinga said that

you go out and vote and leave the rest to me… I won’t come back to you to say that I was rigged out!

What happened to that promise?

Today, it’s Luo youth on the streets with a few people cheering us on. We are deceiving ourselves that the whole country, save for Kalenjins and Kikuyus, is tired yet they are moving on with their daily chores as we cannibalize ourselves in the name of fighting for Raila. Is this the ideal brand of politics?

The truth is that, Kenya is not divided as some would want the world to think. It’s case of our tribe, the Luo being used by selfish Luo elite, cheered on by Luhya elite, a few Kamba elite and a handful of Kisii elite.

It is a case of Luo slum dwellers being used as a weapon of war. That’s why there are no demos anywhere else, apart from few paid protestors who march for ten minutes in all other areas.

So, should Luo sons and daughters pay the ultimate price for an individual’s political ambition? The choice is yours my Luo brother and sister!


Kenya is on the verge of a re-birth


I wanted to write a very powerful reply but nikajua hakuna mtu atasoma hio yote.
Summary pliz na sijasoma

Good morning people, what a beautiful day. Great weekend and another good week is here to build the nation. Luo nation is due for change whether they are ready or not.

Kenya tuko tu sawa

@pamba alipata status ya sponsor by demanding summary, leta summary brathe na si tafadhari

Somebody tell this our elder amekosea njia. It looks like we now have to choose between stability and chaos. In the meantime, crooks in the system are having a field day since everyone is focused on this contest.

The writer becomes an enemy of his brothers right there…

@Jennifer hiyo avatar mmmhhh

Bure kabisa. We never knew democracy means Raila in Power.

We can deal with crooks the demonstration way hapo everyone will support u.

reta samally pris pris

In summary, amesema RWNEEERBP!


The summary is the headline… Luo lives matters… Addressed to Raila odinga

you go out and vote and leave the rest to me… I won’t come back to you to say that I was rigged out!

What happened to that promise?

You were going to reply powerfully to what you haven’t read? But again let’s presume it was read for you.

Bwana Gatimu, whats the meaning behind this?

Fight your rights Luo people , your the biggest tribe in East Africa . Aluta continua