lukla of the most dangerous airports in the world

At first, a white haze of cloud cover will obscure the surrounding mountains. Then, as the plane descends, a tiny gray strip at an elevation of 9,100 feet will appear in the distance, almost camouflaged by surrounding greenery. This 65 by 1,500-foot patch of asphalt is the runway. At its southern end is a 2,000-foot drop into a valley. At its northern end, a stone wall and a hairpin turn.
If all goes well, you’ll hit the tarmac with little more than a few bumps and lurches. That odd sensation of traveling uphill is not an illusion: the runway has a gradient of 12 percent—meaning when a plane takes off, it plunges downhill toward a 2,000-foot abyss.

Accidents are common—between October 2008 and October 2013, four small Lukla-bound aircraft crashed, killing 33 people. The airport does close in fierce winds and poor visibility, but weather in the mountains changes so rapidly that a flight may already be airborne when conditions become dangerous.

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very hard to do a go-around incase of a missed approach on this airport due to the mountainous terrain at the end of the runway

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9,100 feet ni height of landing strip kutoka ufo wa bahari kuelekea juu, e.g Nyairofi is roughly 5300 feet kutoka ufuo wa bahari i.e mombasa, eldoret aprox 7200 feet.

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