lucky philip dube.......R.I.P

On This Day In 2007, Lucky Dube Was Shot Dead…I SALUTE YOU KINGMAN.

They can kill the music but they cannot kill the message in the music…your music will live


BIG UP, wherever


irie rasta… salaam

The guy is a legend… His music lives…all his tracks are my favorites… Only that “slave” keeps playing on my mind…

May your memory live on Dube!!!

i can listen to his music all day everyday.

My favorite song

wololo…kichwa tu

Kama angekuwa hai mpaka wa leo…

today marks 10 years since Sifiso Mhlanga, 34 - who fired the shots - Julius Ngxowa, 32, and Mbuti Mabe, 31 killed one of Africa’s reggae maestro. In an act which sent shock-waves through music-lovers across Africa, Dube was shot dead in an attempted hijacking in the southern suburbs of Johannesburg in October 2007. His murder underlined South Africa’s reputation in the continent as a hot-bed of violent crime. These morons got Life imprisonment, is the maximum sentence that can be imposed in South Africa.
fuck them for this heinous act and hope they rot in prison. Rastas Never Dies

not really.i mean i can listen to all of his songs bila kuboeka

That man was born for that type of music, he sing with ease.

I remember this day like yesterday, early morning was in a traffic jam when I heard the news on radio and got the shock of my life, kufika job after breaking the news to my colleagues two rasta ladies broke down and cried.
RIP rasta.
Outa the album Prisoner this is Remember me going out to @wildfrank

Ain’t we all Prisoners in our skin?

Naskia alimalizwa juu ya kumanga bibi ya mtu?
Is that true Rasta?

Time oooooh time can fly !

This song featured prominently in KBC GS’s Midday Melodies and was among my favorites:

I would call you stupid but that would be a compliment.

for @culture

My all time favourite! Romeo…I think he wrote it for me!!!