Luanda city « the most under-rated city in Africa “

The last time I checked, you would need an arm and a leg to afford to live in that city. I wouldn’t mind visiting though.

The most expensive city in Africa

It’s harder for an African to get an Angolan visa than an American one…

Shit hole overated city, heri capetown

This screenshot from the video should tell you something.


Luanda is a mirage in the desert. Afadhali Luanda, Kenya where what you see is what you get.


What’s expensive in luanda? Am just curious… Have heard the line severally

$4000 for a 3 bedroom! shit is expensive

It’s 9,000$ in the city center…

[SIZE=7]Property Prices in Luanda, Angola[/SIZE]
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre 9,979.27$

Food, apartments, office space, hospital treatment etc…
Literally everything we consider to be basic needs are luxuries in Luanda.

Thé city is so damn expensive…

This is plain bullshit, having gone to Luanda, and Lubango on 3 different times, its very easy to get a visa. Very easy