Low Voltage Solution (AVR VS SVS)

So in the area where I currently reside, there’s an over drawn single phase which almost the entire area uses. The voltage dips to as low as 180 volts sometimes. This makes it impossible to run things such as cookers and the car wash machine at the same time. So am looking to solve this using one of the Sollatek products, either of the SVS OR AVR but I can’t tell which one will be enough for my power needs. I have 2 small frigorex, chips fryer, freezer, car wash machine and lots of lights as the load. Any input on this will be appreciated.

Report to Kenya power and ask for a more powerful trasformer. Tafuteni regional manager’s phone number.

All that has already been done. Those people rarely listen to customer complaints.

You must nug them ,I’ve done it and I now it’s not easy . Never give up .we have more than enough power,distributions is the major issue .

weka rant hapo Twitter and tag kina Itumbi, energy minister, KahawaTungu etc. they will call you Na kesho utawaona hapo.


aweke Buyer Beware Kenya (Original):D:D

Go for AVR the one with autotransformer not static transformer.
It usually has a round one with carbon brush that rotates around to compensate voltage both ways.