Low IQ is a handicap kama hardware limitation. How to stay poor forever

The CJ who is head of an inefficient and corrupt judiciary is driving a 500, 000 USD car.
Kenya’s per capita income is 2000 dollars meaning the car is 250 times the productivity of the average Kenyan.

America’s per capita income is 60,000 dollars if we were to scale to Kenya’s example , it’d be like their CJ driving a 15 million dollar car.

This wastage is across the government and if you wonder how Haiti has been poor for over 250 years ni upuzi kama hii na zingine that over time retard progress

I wouldn’t be surprised for Africa to be a shithole 300 years from now.


#kulipa ushuru ni kujitegemea

I am seriously hoping that the $500k car is not the Toyota am seeing kwa pics.

Lipeni ushuru kwa bidii and other short stories. The government is basically a modern version of the mafia. It extorts everyone (tax) and distributes to members (bureucrats and politicians).

available from $89,181 for the Landcruiser LC300 GX (4X4) up to $137,981 for the Landcruiser LC300 Sahara ZX (4X4).
Bullet proof window, customized interior $500k.

Kazi ya punda ni kubeba mzigo. Kama mzigo ni mzito basi punda alale chini kuashiria amechoka lakini akiwekelewa mzigo na bado amesimama, hio ni ishara tosha kuwa yeye ni punda mtiifu ambaye yuko tayari kumshughulikia mwenyewe.

Although the car is not worth more than half the amount quoted, it is ugly… Very ugly. However, Government fellows are there to consume your taxes with your permission. This one will be replaced within a few years… and there is nothing you can do about it… yours is to work (nay, slave) to pay taxes for such and many more luxuries for your masters!

No. Bullet Proofing does not cost that much… and I doubt that it is bullet proof.

American MPs earn 174k per annum which is roughly 3× their gdp per capita. Kenya MPs earn around 18M per year which is roughly 90× their gdp per capita. And Ruto what’s to tax y’all to oblivion. Ni kubaya

It costs a lot , because they change the internal structure of the car. Plus they beef the engine to support the added weight.


Hasora wanasema serikali ni yao. Hao wametosheka kukula na macho.

Must you pull villagers’ legs anytime you write something? Well the internal structure is changed but at what point do they beef the engine? What they do is select a vehicle with adequate power and torque then beef up the suspension and probably the radiator. Iwinjo?

Kiboko ni ya Kila mtu raundi hii. Tax tutalipa to facilitate their lifestyles


CJ is under Zakoyo’s control. He knows a few rulings against the government and all those cashy benefits will dry up.