Low IQ blacks consuming and not producing

After my last post about visiting an african gallery(shopping market) in Belgium where low IQ blacks were nothing but consumers while Indians were producers, i now visited Frances popular african market in Chateau Rouge and to my surprise which is kind of sad i found the same situation where 99% of the consumers were black africans while Indians, chinese and arabs were producers. If i had hope for blacks before then its gone, literally how can you find so many low IQ blacks at one space whom dont understand the simple logic of building wealth within ones community? These low IQ blacks will then cry about being at the bottom of the chain in their society while when they do get wealth they give it away. As i said before, the problen of Africa is black people. Remove them and replace them with any other people and you will see Africa start prospering within short time.

But i heard this theory though that blacks from French(Belgium) colonies are leds entrepreneurs then their english counterparts due to catholism vs protestantism(Also compare France to U.K), i hope its just that. I will be visiting U.K and see how low IQ blaks behave there.

How ironic is your grammar.

Pretty soon this “low IQ African” will dox you racist pig and expose you .Tick tock

I agree with you that we are destined to a life of abject poverty if we dont switch to being producers instead of consumers. But to think about it should you be posting this on your somali blogs as you folks need it way more than us.

Are your Somali brethren among the low IQ?

Me Somali lol. Even though Somalis like to display their superiority while they have a failed state as a people in africa and diaspora i respect them for their unity in the diaspora and when it comes to dealing with non Somalis. Somalis and ethiopians/eritreans are one of few black africans with self pride and have a self preserveation mentality in europe and the diaspora, the rest are low IQ blacks with inferiority complex. Dont let the truth hurt you jusg because you have grudges against somalis.

And all what somalis do when they show their “superiority” is just show how inferior they are because the strong dont go aound telling people that they are strong.

Why should i have a grudge against anybody? But i know you have a grudge because you are always on kt talking about how our IQ is supposedly low.

It must be quite unfortunate that you live in a foreign land, you have to see “jareers” alll the time who are may not be doing quite well their starndards of living may not be the best but they atleast have a place to call home and not worry about being blown to pieces by some islamic militia.

Say what you want about us blacks but i can tell you one thing if we ever got our act together who knows what the future may be for us. We are the choosen people.


Huyu jamaa anatusi kila mahali ban this madhafuakin chieth

The truth hurts doesn’t it, call me a zoomalian if you which but the truth is still the truth. What are low IQ blacks the choosen people of?

AFRICA can only develop once we face the truth instead of crying that the truth hurts you. Truth knows no feelings.

Unless a guy is planning to kill me…

ZOOMALIAN that is title your people were given. You need to preach to your people more than you preach to us cause you folks need it way more than us. Although i must admit that you do make some valid points from time to time.

Low iq article written by a low IQ black. So wewe una producingi nini tuone?

Keep calling me zoomalian if yoy wish, and the points are still valid no matter if the come from zoomalians. Again the problem of africanis low IQ blacks.