Low Cost Housing...

What are the options?

I don’t mind building a nice flat on this piece of land however the much I can collect from the current rental rates is ksh 4000/- a single room.

What options do I have? Mabati, bricks, prefab…I’m confused.

Anyone in the construction industry?


@uncle nyam njoo hapa

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bricks will do

U can use prefab ama bricks. Also u can do container housing kinda scheme but inataka creativity. Talk to me. Designs, estimates and all

Rink itakusaidia

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Here’s your solution right here.

There is actually a guru at this…where is @a4architect?

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Tumia makiga or if the area you want to build in has suitable soil, buy a block making machine. You might even sell the blocks as a side hustle.

buy this [ATTACH=full]11092[/ATTACH]


Uncle nyam anajua tu mambo ya kukoroga simiti na kubeba mawe. Usimuulize maswali zingine ngumu


How much are you willing to spend and what’s the location?

Vuja de dogi za muhindi zimekula?

Loresho hivihivi…kijiji of course.1/2 an acre.Budget 2-4m.

Lower Karen?,Did you know that is how kibera is called?

I want a modern Kibera as part of my CSR…

@Female Perspective for a budget of 2 to 4 m, in an area where a single room goes for 4k, then you can choose to construct around 100 mabati nicely done single rooms and collect at least kes 200k monthly as rent or construct 4 2bedroomed stone houses and collect 60k in rent. mabati houses will give higher returns in the short run than stone houses but will need higher maintenance so if u are looking for long term profits, go with stone, if for short term profits, go with mabati.

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Very true on mabati especially if you want to use the same piece of land for another purpose in future. They are cheaper to construct and you can do it all in one month and start recouping your money. If you want higher rates on them, build them not with ordinary mabati but with the nice coloured ones.

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Why can’t I have a descent, modern mabati house?

Go for it. You wont regret plus the cost is cheaper. If you want me to show you around the tricks eg cheap but quality materials inbox

A mabati house with steel beams or concrete?

Mhindi amejam sana. Uwesmake alibadilisha mbwa moja yake na bukusu shepherd

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