Lovers of power series

first time i watched this, i realised am doing even the illegal part as mentioned in the song-big rich town just to make it in life. i wonder how many of us do clean deals

Nice one. Reminds me of 50’s ancient tracks

I love it!! Empire got nothing on this one…didn’t air last week!!

si iko on the animal ambition album?

The second season is turning out to be good especially with the character fifty plays out of prison. The first season was somewhat disappointing because the story got stuck from episodes 3-6. Going by what I have watched so far, I love the new season.

waited for it on sunday morning but wapi!!hope it airs this week,i love the into song and the titties of course

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Am an undercover liar, a lie under the covers…

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actually epis 1-4 sn 2are out, find them ziko juu sana. Ghost has been informed about geting Tonny down by her new galfriend

I am waiting for the battle between Ghost and Kanan because he has now realized Kanan is upto no good.

Guys guys guys…hizi ma spoilers weka alert jameni! nimefungua najaribu kuacha kusoma bt macho imekataa kuacha!


Pole. Wengine wetu tunawatch na pace ya majuu so we can’t help it. But, make a point of watching the first four eps.

Is there a new episode? I want that dere to fcuk the bous wife or the other momo. Can’t wait.

P. S 50 is executive producer, the nigger is going places.

He fucked the other momo (La la) on her couch.

What! I might have missed an episode. Btw comparing empire and power applys to orange and mangoes.
P. S The word fucked is not censored. :stuck_out_tongue:

Am always on point…na pace ya majuu pia episode iki air asubuhi nayo nayo…bt season 2 hata sijaguza, been having some difficulties so been off air kiasi!

I normally download on Sunday morning as they are released but this weekend episode 5 didn’t air as per imdb schedule.was sad I didn’t get to see the hot Latina naked

Hehehehehe. That cop? She’s too thin for my liking.


by the way that scene got me thinking about mimi na wife wa boss. man ata kama nina 5 testicles i can’t. nigga can drop of the ceiling brandishing his balls to compare who have smoother.