Lovers of Kwaito Music

Hi …

To the lovers of african music esspecially kwaito where/which sites can i get a mix for 2014/2015 songs
sample songs like below …ama to those who have gone to Aqua club the kind of music they play there

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Kwaito is cool, but i hate south africans.

purr 27 kwani wewe ni 57??

thnks hun ni house nt kwaito i will chck tht out

:frowning: why… i love rhumba too :wink:

the only lister who seems real from klist

trust me there really cool jamaas n girls here

kaaaaangura @Purr_27 unaskizanga hizi :eek:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Mimi naskizanga everything: rhumba, reggae, mugithi, zile ngoma za wajaluo, kiganda, genge ya kitambo kidogo(jua cali and the likes), west african(senegalese /chadian), classical(bach, mozart,beethoven, mahler, bruckner etc). I love listening music. So music cannot always dictate agegroup

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y? n do u hate the chics, guys ama ni wote?

hebu sikiliza huu hapa…

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Do you remember the TKZee song Fiasco? Nice song.

Isnt there a distinction between Kwaito with artistes like Tkzee, kabelo and house music of dj cleo and oskido?

Argh, nimeshindwa ku-embed video

Dubula by Kabelo is the song I wanted to embed

Hard to differentiate 'em.

The delivery is different, halafu kwaito ina ughetto mob compared to the modern afro house

Azandeni sana, hizo distinction ndio nilikuwa natafuta. Nilidiscover jazz nikakwamia huko