Love Triangle led to murder of Egerton student

The Directive of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have now unveiled a story where a 22-year-old Egerton University student, Eunice Muthoni Njeri, was killed before being dumped in a river.

In the murder case that has been under investigations since last year, the DCI noted that the 4th year student at the Njoro based University, was first strangled before her body was dumped in river Subuku by her close friends who suspected that she was in a love affair with one of her friend’s husband.
The incidence that happened last year on December 7th, has since led to the arrest of the suspected perpetrators, Diana Njeri Muthiomi and Tamar Wambora Njeru, who were her close friends.

She confronted the deceased who responded bitterly and a bitter exchange of words ensued. Since that time, the deceased was never seen again, as Diana and Tamar are suspected to have strangled her to death.

“Forensic analysis by our Homicide branch, placed Diana Njeri Muthiomi at the scene confirming that in the wee hours of December 7, 2020, Diana was at the exact spot where the deceased’s body was found. Three suspects Diana Njeri Muthiomi, Tamar Wambora Njeru and Eric Maingi Mutuma have since been placed in custody, in connection with the murder. Diana and Eric will also face electronic fraud charges, after 722 Simcards and 7 mobile phones were found in their house,” said the DCI.
The DCI have since launched a hunt for other people believed to have been involved in helping the three in dumping the deceased’s body in the river.