love Thy God....

Hey, do u have any question you would like to ask and get a clear answer about Jesus Christ? Or God in general?! Please and I will answer the soonest… Feel free… Anyone can ask, regardless of your religion


Why is this under sex and relationships?


kupanda mbegu alert

Where do people go when they die…

Isn’t that one of the various types of relationships on earth?

No one needs

Your money!

No one needs it… Saidia wasio jiweza

Are you god?

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Your body goes to grave but your soul goes to a resting place to await judgement day… But that doesn’t apply to those who sell their souls

No I am Not God.

Umepewa kiti kweli? Talkers wamezembea siku hizi…

Kiti kipi? Wataamka tu!

how does it feel to be brainwashed by the white man?


na unaweza… [ATTACH=full]45730[/ATTACH]
as you get fried!

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How does it feel to feel at home?

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Asante sana but I am hoping that people can open up and ask what they really feel is a challenge!

I think u are retarded! not in the mood for kanyari/prophet owuor kind of nonsense and for that reason I’m out!

Have you ever witnessed a miracle???

wacha tuone huyu vile ataenda…at least si kama kile kipombe kibovu kilikuwa hapa asubuhi…by the way hiyo thread ili malaysia namna gani?

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You are welcome. Am not retarded! Just because u think someone is blind doesn’t necessarily mean you have a clear sight!
Its of freewill to participate.
From my observation: your lack of love has made you shortsighted! Bless you.