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Today one of my favourite baby-mommas called me a “Male chauvinistic Pig!”
All because I refused to stay with the kids while she went out with her friends last night. She has previously called me a misogynistic prick .
Now she has vowed that I will never see the kids again.

In my estimation,just because we broke up and you cannot find a child minder, you will not incorporate my visitation rights with your new found social life.

If you want to be a single mother, take full responsibility.
If you want to be in a relationship and marriage, take the good and the bad that comes with it!

Women today are so misinformed they think that they can have their cake and eat it too.

If believing that women should submit to their husbands makes me chauvinistic misogynistic pig: then I probably am!

Women need to know that the more things change, the more they remain the same.

If you are a man going through a divorce, seperration etc… , You are not alone.
Love is delusion and marriage is what people used to do in the 70s and 80s!
Get out there and make money!
Money will buy you the freedom and dignity that our grandfathers enjoyed many years ago.
You must strive to be successful enough to afford a woman for all seasons!
A woman to bear your offspring, a woman to take out for a holiday or a night out, a woman to look after your home and another to do what all the others can’t do in bed.
Believe me there is enough women out there if you can Afford it!

And when you’re too old you can’t get it up anymore, they will all try to be kind to you hoping to inherit what is yours.

Keep your eyes on the money.
It may not buy you happiness but I bet you it can buy you freedom and good company.

These hoes ain’t Loyal and the best among them belong to the Highest bidder!

Keep your eyes on the Money and the rest will follow.

And that’s the way it is!

According to what you have posted here, I can say with certitude that she was damn right in calling you a"Male chauvinistic Pig!"You treat your baby Mamas so bad and hold them ranson in a very ushamba way. nkt

However, they allow you to even shag them? they are cheap man they are cheap smdh. They also don’t need to depend on you for childcare when they are going out…they need to have their friends’ support. I baby sit a lot for free coz I love my indoors…so that my Single Mama ngeos can have fun. And even that hurts the tubudahs like you…

They need to wake up to the fact that you Kabudah must pay child support alafu hapo kwa single life, they should not involve you. In reality you are the loser and you know it. Lakini hawajui…If it was me…weee ungeona. You would only see the kids on the designated days halafu mambo yangu utasoma kwa gazetti…NA PESA UTOE.

I consider women like you homewreckers.
You need to find a man not be a babysitter.
I pay child support but I refuse to be a babysitter too!..
If you have a child with me, you basically belong to me as far as i can see… kikikikkkk.
(Kitanda manenoz anyway)…

If you chose not to marry and instead ‘buy’ women, what will happen when you are in old age and can’t buy them anymore? Take marriage as a way of having a companionship and not competition.

With all due respect @Guru , you are a single mother so your opinion on marriage is hereby declared Null and Void.

@gashwin kam kupande huu kiasi. But ukweli usemwe wewe kabuda na relationship hampatani. How many baby mamas so far?

nilikuwa nimelenga hii thread. nimechoka kichwa staki kufikiria…

Good thing with this forum one is allowed to be anything.

stopped reading before i clicked

Woooi I have a man…and stop throwing a hissy fit when we query you. You started the thread…Ngai Fafa that if one has a child with you, they automatically belong to you and you do not want to be used as babysitter. Basically you want them to stay indoors and never go anywhere…?
Ndio nimesema hao ni mafala pia.
Never wrecked a home.

Wow. A broke, jealous man who has failed not one, but several relationships, coming here to give us advice about relationships.
That is the same as a faggot advising people about childcare.
There is nothing worse than a cockblocking ex trying to stop a woman getting smashed. Wacha ndume real zipanue qoomer kama umeshindwa my fren…

@Ka-Buda naona weekend haikukupeleka poa. Kazana my broda. Better days lie ahead. :D:D:D

Lakini wewe kabuda ni humbwer kusema ukweli KhiKhiKhiKhiKhiKhi


You acted selfishly in this case. She made a very simple request, to go out with her friends to feel alive again.
Just because she’s a ‘single’ mum doesn’t mean she’s more of a parent than you. You both made those kids together, 50-50.
The rest of the time she takes care of the kids all by herself except for your court appointed visits, but one night was too much to ask?
Perhaps she couldn’t find a baby sitter…I think you two as parents should share responsibilities equally. Once in a while she also deserves a break, some “me time.”
Please apologize.

Thou shalt not disrespect Momo1- that’s the 2nd commandment in this village.
Otherwise, we shall mention a name starting with W, and you shall not like it.

this dude is just kt fingers …otherwise a grownup talker wouldnt say bullsh** like this! I love my kid na would give everything to spend time with him

I agree with you totally

@Ka-Buda you are a chauvinistic self centred prick. Kids grow, they don’t remain young forever.

What do you know about that?
I thought you are single. Find a man first then come back and air your opinions.