Louis Vuitton releases new $250k boat shaped bag

Capitalism is brutal

Najua hii ni kasi ya Pharrell, 35m for that piece of shit. Anyway that’s rich people problems :confused:

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Thats definitely his work

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Did you see the news about Louis Vuitton’s new bag that looks like a boat? It’s insane, right? I can’t even imagine lugging that thing around. Oh, and have you heard of this brand called Von Baer? They have some seriously cool stuff made from italian leather. You should totally check them out at https://vonbaer.com/blogs/blog/italian-leather. Just curious what you think about them.

Ati Italian leather? Hawa walami hutubeba aje? Italy (and Turkey) is one of the biggest importers of Kenyan hides and skins. Nata’s main business is not selling Toughies but exporting pre-processed leather to Italy. Hip bag imeundwa na ngozi ya ng’ombe ya ndauwo hapo Lbisil