Louis Saha joins MGTOW


What did he expect?
The only reason that Kunguru wanted from him is his money. Probably she was being shagged seriously when this nigger was away playing matches.

Jaruo ilikuwa inakula brownskin

Who still marries these hoes in 2021?

Ujinga ya hawa wasee ni ati wakipata they want marry a white bimbo who all along has bn scheming to get married to black footballer as a retirement plan…

Ule wa arsenal alikua anaitwa nani. Aliwachwa akakua chokoraa. Simps never learn

Now, I ain’t sayin’ you a gold digger, you got needs
You don’t want a dude to smoke, but he can’t buy weed
You go out to eat, he can’t pay, y’all can’t leave
There’s dishes in the back, he gotta roll up his sleeves
But while y’all washin’, watch him
He gon’ make it to a Benz out of that Datsun
He got that ambition, baby, look at his eyes
This week he moppin’ floors, next week it’s the fries
So stick by his side
I know there’s dudes ballin’, and yeah, that’s nice
And they gonna keep callin’ and tryin’, but you stay right, girl

[SIZE=5]And when he get on, he’ll leave yo’ ass for a white girl[/SIZE]

They didn’t learn from Emmanuel Eboue. I hope there is a prenup or else he will come back home ( Africa ) with nothing to show.

I can almost guarantee she was a groupie who placed herself in his path and she was lucky enough to be drafted. Pale states all manner of women will show up in events where there athletes in the hopes of getting drafted. In football they even show up for training sessions. Its cut throat business…unfortunately most of them aren’t genuine.

These footballers get millions of dollars when they are just nineteen or twenty years old. These are the years when men have a flawed naive picture of women. What saves most men at this stage is that they are broke and unapealing by the time they make money in their thirties wamekua wajanja. These footballers by the time they reach the end of their career in their thirties they have not stacked up the kind of relationship experience that opens their eyes to the true female nature that a broke 20 year old experienced.

And most indigenous African men , freshly recruited from gishagi and hurled directly into fame and fortune ,think white women are a status symbol. Even worse, they worship them to the point of signing off their properties and investments abroad to them bit by bit.

Black French footballers have this problem. Am very sure the likes of pogba, mendy, verane and zouma all have white wags… french colonisers ensured their subjects hated their skin colour…notice bleaching by men in DRC and her neighbours

Emmanuel Eboue. Huyo alinyoroshwa kabisa. His teammates used to say he was such a nice guy. Wenger probably kept him at Arsenal for locker room presence. Chances are a sly kunguru noticed that weakness and exploited it to the max.

not ‘Chances are’

Irriz wharririz.

mwosho mmoja for the poor bonobo

Drogba alioa kienyeji lakini bado waliaachana.


He had little formal education. His wife was the manager of his finances. Basically, he was left with nothing, pia alipata mdudu. So mdudu+zero money after a successful career

He didnt lose it all to his wife though. Seems he was just careless

[SIZE=7]Ex-Man Utd, Everton striker Saha on losing his fortune: Vultures, ex-wives, bad investments…[/SIZE]
by Paul Vegas3 years ago

Former Manchester United and Everton striker Louis Saha admits he’s lost much of the fortune he earned during his playing career.
Saha spent nine years in the Premier League and at the time was among the highest paid sportsman in France.

But he revealed to L’Equipe he’s lost much of his money, "Bad investments and not being able to think about the long term are the stumbling blocks, because athletes struggle to realise what life is like in the end. The online gambling is the biggest danger for footballers nowadays, because they can use their own home comfortably.

“Apart from the addictions, separations, vultures and bad investments, it is simply a combination of factors,” continues Saha. “Many player wives disappear when their husbands stop playing football, which was the case with me, even after ten or fifteen years of supporting their husbands, they say at one point: 'I am now forty years old, now I want to lead my own life. A divorce then quickly means handing over half of your assets.”
Saha also spoke of his own experiences, where family and so-called friends demanded a lot from him in the financial field.

“When your family asks you for money, it gets scary, I bought houses, cars … The mentality that you have at the age of 20 is different from the one at 30. For example, I bought three houses in seven years, but also a house in London, I just did not notice it until I saw that at one point I had to pay thirty thousand euros in water and electricity.”

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Marriage should just be disbanded and everyone should go home.

Na wale walishaoa kama wazazi wetu itakuwaje?

Mwenyewe alisema he used to be brought papers na hio kunguru training ground to sign.kumbe he was signing off his properties! Then he confessed ata hakua anasoma hizo papers