Louis Rossmann argument on why trump's increased imports tariff on Chinese products may not be effective at all

It is now more than 20 years since Chinese products started competing with American products. Back then the price difference was very close hence such a measure on high tariffs may have worked. Currently, however, Louis argues, the price difference is so big for the same commodity manufactured in America and china even though the Chinese one may be of equal or even high quality.
For instance a quick 861DW hot air station worth $280 outshines quality wise and in durability a PACE MBT one costing about $1200. in short trump wants people to dump high quality affordable Chinese products for extremely expensive low quality home made products.


So, now he’s an economist?

Are you one? And is it necessary for one to be one so as to give an opinion on the topic?

Mimi sio mtu wa humanity na usiwai nitusi hivyo tena.

Pole. Sio matusi ni swali tu. This is the opinion of a computer repair guy on the negative impact of trumps import tarifs on Chinese goods on starters in the field in the US since the most affordable, durable tools they can acquire for their job are not manufactured in the US but they actually depend on the Chinese market for everything from the tools to replacement chips etc.