Lost not found.

Where is our the Nairobi women Rep. Long time since i heard from her and the seat has not yet declared vacant.

Is there any woman rep who is visible?

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Salaried meffi those ones.

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1 million bob per month x 47 x 12 = 564 million per year.

0.5 billion per year wasted on useless positions that add no value to the country


hapo sasa

SAbina Joy is very visible

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The last time I spoke to her , she informed me she has a medical condition that has been preventing her from being in the limelight as much as she would like too, and if u are wondering the answer is yes I have DF’ed her a couple of times

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Mark big really.

and that’s just the pay factor in mileage and office eexpenses and that figure sniffs at a B

Dream on fagget

Am I my sister’s keeper? (Genesis 4:9)

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Dream on fagget
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