Loss internet connection

I have just run this program earlier and after the desk top reboot I could not connect to the internet. I have run a check on my computer found the the IP address show

what has happened? I have called the service provider the technician claim that the cable from the modem to the computer need to be replaced. but I have used another cable, having done the IPCONFIG still finds the IP address not available. Currently am using the same modem connected to a wireless router, with my laptop the modem is working, but the desk top is not

i cant understand what exactly you are saying, my be weka screenshots of your configurations here

ip, will definitely not connect you to any network

are you on DHCP or static IP? have you just trying setting your IP, subnet, default gatway and DNS? are you looking at configurations to the correct adapter?

Fanya system restore


to correct an IP? thats an overkill :D:D:D:D

uninstall modem software, then install afresh, tell me if it works


Washa printer kwanza

juzi nimedownload xilisoft video convertor pale torrents wehh wacha inionyeshe mambo russian malware zilijaa kwa comp na kuconfigure kila kitu search engine etc to russian Cpu usage ilikua 100% na machine kuhang ! jana yote nimeshinda kufanya fresh instal ya windows!

Pole kwa masahibu. Hii maneno inashtua.

have you tried shutting off and on again?

chief sema tu RESTARTING

set IPV4 manually then automaticaly again

Hii kitu hushtua serious, it will kill torrents