Lorry on Fire

Lorry on fire just after BOMBOLULU NEAR Mombasa school for physically handicapped
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siungekojolea kidogo ju uko karibu.

haiya if that shit explodes your vehicles are too near

Dealer wako anakuuzia vitu expired, its time you got a new one, HeHeHe


Is this covered by comprehensive insurance? pole kwa mwenye lorry.

motor vehicle explosions only happen in hollywood


GTA style …anyway caution muhimu.

seems the driver had time to pull of to the side of the road, turnboy is talking of faulty wiring

Aki vitu zingine ni shetani. Umeomba loan ya 10m combined with all your savings, wanting to make it big alafu taniboy anakupigia at I “unakumbuka ile shida ya wiring? Lorry imeisha!” Either kamba ama kuvuka border


wewe ni dereva wa matatu?

True analysis of the situation.:frowning:

…thats a FAW truck from china

We just pray the owner never used both his feet to test the waters.