Loquat (sic!) Kid - Up Date

So this morning, at around 8.00 there’s a knock at the gate.

“Mzee, kuna watu wanataka kukuona”.

Sio watu actually, just a mother and her sheepish son. The mother is like 37-ish, very dry-friable.

"Pole kukusumbua, lakini did my son jump into your compound yesterday…Apparently, he had gone home crying and the mother had dug the truth from him.

I told her what had transpired. The boy, Dan, apparently had been warned by the mother not to join the gang in raiding the tree. She thinks I should have ISISed the poor brat yesterday.

“Lakini Mama Dan, I don’t mind the boys IF THEY COME AS A GROUP AND TIDY UP WHEN THEY ARE DONE…”

Mama Dan smiled at me. I patted the boy’s head as I looked at her. Not bad. Not bad.

This was a first - getting a hyena opportunity from disciplining a boy? Jesus wept!

“Oh, by the way Mama Dan, have I seen you around? Oh, that tailor shop? Great, I’ll be seeing you soon”.

That swish of ass as she walked away.

Dan, you naughty boy, you could just have had your poor, poor mother fucked!


ni kama ndrama kama video

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finally you save your sexual orientation, ile story ya jana left alot of unanswered questions

mbisha ama rink.



hii mbila findeo hatumesi

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wapi mbisha ya “I seen you around?”

nefertities huyu mzee anakucheza na mama dan

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nefertities huyu mzee anakucheza na mama dan

Kwani hiyo area watu wazima hawana mambo ya kufanya ama nyinyi wote ni retirees

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And Dan got the last laugh. He can have all the fruits he want.

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Mbicha ya hiyo kunyi


stop day dreaming guka.
you want us to beleive dan asked god for a little sister?
doesntit sound too good to be true on even to your fossil ears?

there is a picture(the illegitimate one sio phil) you were to post on klist before it collapsed but you went ballistic,died reicarnated as your son or daughter.
i hope you are taking those tablets they gave you in mathare.
we value your insights around here.
go slow on fucking the imaginary women,it will keep you sane

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uyu ni ufuthi riu

Itabidi ukule concoction ya nuts, cassava, omukombera and blue pill so that you can keep up with mama Dan. Hope we don’t lose you to a heart attack like Abacha, Mutharika or that other guy from Mbooni.

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Tell us something about baba Dan. Whereabouts, age, financial muscle, physical muscle- etc, etc…

So you think that Dan came from the Holy Spirit.