Hio ni pang’ang’a #Resist

WSR is a botanists (sp) he will be using part of the “Lake” sijui to do what studies. That’s why a section is seen as if there are fish ponds but they are meant for plant experiment.

You would think that after so many other little “lies”, people have picked up on the BS.

Step 1: make an outrageous claim and phrase it as if there is a little doubt.

Step 2: repeat this same story but in a more authoritative manner

Step 3: start building other lies based on the original lie. If possible, throw in damage to the community or even a few deaths

Step 4: start gathering stones.

@Budspencer come educate these propagandists in the geography of Uasin Gishu.

Ruto’s new house is not in Turbo or anywhere close to Soy or Maili Tisa.
Google Maps friends. Maps

There will be a major rally in Jacaranda today, @mukuna bring updates #Resist#


It is in Moiben. In Keiyo strongholds of Eldoret or Uasin Gishu.

And yes he diverted a river although i do not know the extent of his neighbours uneasiness.

Jamaa is doing well. In Kenya the state is the source of wealth for most of the super rich

is WSR the first Kenyan to construct a lake? NRM members get a life.

a river serving soy and turbo is river sosiani hii ni propaganda tu

What is the capacity of the Lake?

says the guy who was raising funds to buy desks for schools but never did buy

Leave our Looto alone. Tafuteni Looto wenu.

That’ll be wasting time. This is the same guy who claimed nyeri dairy farmers are forced to sell milk to brookside. Just anything that can stick. This is how the miserable get by. Wacha wajibambe