looks like jay z and queen bey wunt be gettin......

It looks like Blue Ivy won’t be
getting a new home for Christmas!
According to Curbed LA , Beyoncé
and Jay Z were recently outbid for
what is going down in history as
the most expensive single-family
home sale in Beverly Hills history.
Minecraft creator Markus Persson is
the man with the infinitely-deep
pockets that took down the mogul
couple’s bid.
Say goodbye to that $85 million
mansion, you guys! The estate’s
posting flaunted A-list amenities in
addition to the 8 bedrooms and 15
bathrooms, including: $5,600 toilets
galore, an infinity pool, and a gym
where Bey and Jay could work on
their fitness (and probably never
sweat). We’re sure Blue would have
appreciated the candy room
complete with an M&M tower. It’s
not too late to add that to your
Xmas list, little one!
Markus bid $70 million to snag
what could pass as a small country
away from Queen Bey and her fam,
paying enough to get the house as
well as the spoils inside. The Swede
probably didn’t even put a dent in
his massive bank accounts when he
dropped the dough for this home,
but either way congrats to him on
beating out American royalty.
Perhaps Bey and Jay should go on
House Hunters and continue the