I am looking to buy some classic hardcover books from the “100 Books you have to read before you die”. Any leads would be appreciated

Are you looking for 1st edition hardcovers or you just want any edition of the book as long long as they are hardcovers?
Between The Lines Bookshop at Village Market and;
Bookstop at Yaya Centre also has a good collection of the books that are on that list. Whether or not they are hardcover I cannot say.

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In Mombasa we have a shop known as soko dogo they have thousands of old books they get from canada, ubaya yao hawajapanga vizuri you have to dig through the mountain which takes time but
I love the smell of old books.
i got my dean kontz and stephen king collection from there


Just bought the Horse Whisperer from street vendors. Who has read it?

BTW bei ni kshs 200

Awesome man…I ll check the…I appreciate the help.

alfu lela u lela

@Meria Mata the problem with Soko Ndogo is that all the good books are usually “stolen” by the staff during unpacking and you will find them kwa yule msee anuza vitabu pale KFA,yule mwingine pale karibu na duka ya Crown Paints,plus the guys behind posta.
But if one is patient enough to dig thru the piles,good books are available. I bought “To Kill A Mocking Bird” there plus Anna Karenina.
On the same note,is it true that there is a sequel to To Kill A Mocking Bird on the way

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I remember reading somewhere that it is out already