Looking for Boxing and MMA gloves

I am looking for leads for MMA gloves. Any help will be appreciated.

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Am a die hard MMA and boxing fan bt i dont know where you can purchase this merchandise!
Do you follow UFC?
@Colombo-Combolo might have some leads!

Awesome. Thanks Guys. @Lifeist yep. I also like Strikeforce. Pia umenice this raw sport? Nice

fuck mma

Fuck you! Watched WF as a boy. All shit scripted, damn!Fast forward,Dana white with UFC! Fuck it! Kimbo slice, chuck ruddel, some canadian guy? Watched it till it was too mainstream for my liking.

@Mauricio now you are the only person kwa hii village who understands true combat sport…i follow UFC the same way people followed 24 tv series(I included)…
Lemmi ask Aldo vs connor which side were you before Aldo waz ruled out cz of the rib injury?
And this weekend Rhonda vs Correia uko pande gani? Mimi team Rousey cz Beth anajidai sana against the champ…nataka afanywe kama cat zingano ama miesha tate…

Av never been dissapointed by any athlete same way i wz by Jon Jones…anyway am letting DC (Daniel Comier) enjoy his moment bt his mouth gets to my head!

Tukianza boxing tell me about Tripple G…Golovkin (power punch boy).

@junkie stick to your wreso shit! This is a mens thread, kindly keep off!

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@Lifeist I respect anyone who can pull of a crucifix and a kimura. Jose Aldo all the way…and Rousey mambo biad…she can triangle choke me any time :D:D Ya Jones ilikuwa bahati mbaya. One of those moments unajisahau tu. Gennady ni machine. Livershot moja unahara matumbo.
@junkie wreso people don’t come correct. UFC you either show up or GKTFO!!Simple as that

Hehehehe…bway mayweather senior at some point said Floyd jr aint ready for GGG…that kid is fierce! Hata Cotto the champ in their division anatambua!..bt thez canelo alvarez as well who he might be fighting next!

Mtu wa wreso shud know why and how Brock lesnar ended up back to WWE after the overeem fight!
Fabricio Werdum out did cain…that wz a good fight though i dint expect cain velazquez to go down like that!
Rhonda is extremely gud and sioni any new opponent akija kumu outdo in her game! Personality yake also compliments her style…have you ever watched any of her 24/7 s? Shez so polite!

I can go on and on about all thiz!

Yall fags you don’t know of kimbo and chuck aka iceman? Peace. suck each other’s cock. Too mainstream now, drops mike!

If you are still talking about boxing gloves hit inbox i can help.

Hehehe…kimbo slice …this guy is a mixed martial artist bt not a sportsman…so are so many actors i.e Michael jai white…chuck norris, bt in this case we talking about MMA as a sport!

You prolly might not understand!

if you ssssssmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelaaaaa what the rock is cooking

The rock hajui kupika!

Kula hii basi

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Boxing gloves I can hook u up let me know the ones u want, 1. fighting gloves for bouts, 2. gloves for padding and hitting the bag or sparing gloves. For MMA I will checkout, meanwhile Rhonda is going to hit Beth today seriously.
Also check what went on in NYAYO jana

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Izo za padding and sparring gloves.

Sawa chukua brandi kabisa, inbox me all details on this email [email protected] then we can see how we do this

Picha zangu ntaweka watermark

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Sasa hiyo nararua tup tup aka DFHKM…sio ile thailandese imekonda kama post ya stima ulikuwa unaniletea u homo nayo! Mimi nyama kama simba sipendi miwa!

Yeah i know Beth is will go down bt av watched her fight and i must say her 0 losses are worth it as well…shes good too bt not as good as rowdy! Am waiting for CM punks debut, anyoroshwe arudi acting WWE!

@Mauricio i hope @Colombo-Combolo will sort you out as i see you almost there!

Waz that the event sponsored by my mp Theuri…mhesh?