Looking for a sponsor!


-He should send/deposit money to my Mpesa/Bank account on a weekly basis

I’m available any day of the week. No limits when it comes to bedminton. I am a highly motivated individual who can take your orgasm to the next level.

Any leads will be highly appreciated.

Hit my inbox.

floods swept away all your cash? :D:D:D:D [SIZE=1]green emoji is baaack[/SIZE]

Mpaka ukinyesha?


How much should one deposit mpesa weekly?


[SIZE=3]Oil Prices Expected to Keep Rising in 2018, but It Could Be a Rocky Ride… :D:D[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3] https://www.wsj.com/articles/oil-prices-expected-to-keep-rising-in-2018-but-it-could-be-a-rocky-ride-1514635200 [/SIZE]

750 weekly ndio ifike 3k per month

Si uwende India ufanyiwe “thread implant” ama bado unataka kuvunja boy-child mgongo kwa hio duf-mpararo yako?

YES! But this rarely happens

At least Ksh 5000.

This question was directed to me priss! It’s 5k…a’int no cheap pussy!

That is a good deal bwana. Let me consult my lawyer we draft an agreement. I do not want any Stormy Daniels issues in 2022. :D:D

Hebu post picha yako ukiwa ndethe kwa sababu hii nyumba iko na Village Sponsors kibao. One of them might just be interested in swimming in a warm pussy pool during this cold weather.

What about your mileage? Has it been restored already?

Utawekewo rent kwa Mpesa na ukedi mashimoni.

Kwani hunyeshangi ama you are on Family Planning. If that is the case you are on birth control pills ama injection ya mkono


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Wewe hii maneno is between my husband and I