Hi techies I want to upgrade from Sony Xperia C to Sony Xperia Z Ultra. I want to sell the Xperia C and add few Jomos to buy the Z. Where can I sell it for 18k? Where can I get a new purple Ultra Z? Msiseme Jumia ju hakuna

Btw when you buy a phone what do you guys consider? For me my priority number 1 is the size of the screen hence why I choose the Ultra Z which has a massive 6.44’ and is 6.5mm in width!! Where can you get a better deal than that? Nowhere… The only phone I think that comes near or is slightly better is the Sony Xperia Ultra T but it’s 6’. Others say the Nokia 1320 is better… Where?? Kwanza it runs on Windows:mad: Smh! For me no comparison between the two.

Villagers which is the best phone under 35k with a screen of at least 5.5’?

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Personally i have decided to go for low end android devices, for the following resons:
[li]Battery life - big screen means battery will be drained fast[/li][li]Waiting for android updates is frustrating[/li][li]Value for money, these phones don’t last more than 2 years[/li][li]Less worry about losing your phone in crowded places.[/li][/ul]

This comment would have been relevant in 2010


By low end what range are we talking about?

less than 10K

That’s on the lower side kweli but if you constantly lose phones that’s the best thing to do.

nunua KADUDA

watu sio cheap kama venye unadhania

my bad i assumed yeye ni idler msoto kama wewe

Haha Kaduda zii!

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Take a look at the HTC 820.

Sony C4 will be available from June lakini hiyo chipset yake ndiyo naishuku.

Ama pia C3, ilipata lollipop juzi

[li]Waiting for android updates is frustrating[/li]
Samsung A3 which is less than 15k ilipata lollipop majuzi

[li]Value for money, these phones don’t last more than 2 years[/li]
Note 2, simu ya 2012 bado ina aibisha simu mingi za siku hizi, ni wewe umaintain vizuri

[li]Less worry about losing your phone in crowded places.[/li]
Kwanza skuizi wanapenda hizo cheap kwa sababu mtu hatang’ang’na kuitrack

It’s not necessarily about what they’re after, it’s about how much loss you’ll incur financially and emotionally when you happen to lose your phone.Personally i’ll feel more pain if i lose an iphone than if i lose an infinix.

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It also depends on how much your hustle can support the types of accessories you have. If you’re a hustler and you go buy something which your net worth cannot support then utafeel hiyo uchungu but if you buy that iphone and your net worth can buy you one each month without feeling a pinch then haitakuwa such a big loss.

You point is valid, but let me assert that your net worth might support buying an iphone each month, but that does not mean that you will enjoy losing it each month, even a billionaire and more so any rich individual will have a high sense of value for their money and won’t like a situation where their money is lost easily.

C4 is still to be released so I think it will be expensive na the I can’t move from Xperia to HTC I believe Sony has the best looking phones na io ndo top priority.

No one likes losing their property but its more painful to lose something that a person perceives to be their most expensive item than when someone knows that they can have a replacement in a matter of hours. People tend to cherish that which they think is more difficult to replace.

That 820 is a beauty in the different colour shades alafu specs zake ni better than Z ultra; octa-core vs quad core: 13 mp primary vs 8 na tools zake ni better kama wewe ni enthusiast wa photography

Compare alafu uamue

Unasahau hata cam za iPhone huundwa na Sony. Octacore kwani ni Dragon Age Inquisition 3 ndio unacheza?

Nunua infinix hot note. U won’t regret it. 5.5" screen, octacore processor 4000mAH battery, costs only 10499 on jumia