Looking for a reliable Internet Provider

Zuku 5 MBPS speed test ( When you call them they will always give this as the excuse. On wifi you will always get different results but then I ask myself what if my device only uses wifi? Does it mean I will never get 5mbps?

Zuku imenichosha and anytime from now I will be throwing this router away.
Now 5 Mbps is always 2 - 3mbps and below 0.5 for upload which is hurting. Am forced to use my aitel internet thus depleting my monthly data so early.

There is no Safaricom faiba in my Umoja Area and I am looking for someone who can install reliable internet at an affordable price. I am looking at 5-10 MBPS both download and upload.

Reliability is key wakubwa.

Compare that Zuku with this from Airtel after tethering from my phone

Airtel unliminet[ATTACH=full]260391[/ATTACH]

damn …im sure safaricom would be there in no time

Aki wakam. Zuku is fucking us. Imagine that 5mbps package that gives me 1 mbps niki test. ata ku upload a pic ukuwa mlima kubwa

move to a place with safaricom home fibre.

Avoid Zuku.

zuku hio issue niliraise wakaniletea stories mob pia
there net is always down
10mbps usually is around 7mpbs download and 4 upload very shitty

Zuku is the best. The only thing with a comparable speed is safaricom 4G. If you are expecting to see 1GB downloaded in 4 minutes because you have 5 mbps you are dumb. the upload speed for this package is 1mbps too.
You have the connection but your computer has its read/write speed and the server has its read/write speeds among a million other factors.
You think there are things for free and certainly doesn’t understand information technology. And how do you expect to run an industrial size internet usage on $25 a month?
Endeleeni kutafuta vitu za free mtaishi kulia. kenya has one of the best internet speeds/connections in the world for those who understand the technology. I have seen people who have been to safaricom fibre and back.

Jana I downloaded 3 games totalling 21gb on zuku 5mbps. Left the torrents running at around 1pm and by 7pm zishaa maliza

Ndio hio 5mbps

@demshyna trip ya Mt. Kenya ni ngapi.

My friend I have had Zuku for three years. And I am talking from experience. You are the type who use internet to update your facebook profile we do not blame you. I am talking about internet for business. Zuku 5Mbps is supposed to work magic but of late it doesnt. In my office I use 3 mbps and performs better. Lemmi correect you. 5 Mbps ya zuku upload is always 0.45mps. Hii ni ya watu wa facebook like you.

Halafu please note am not looking for free internet. I am looking for affordable. I hope you read well that I did not even use the word cheap i said affordable.

You cannot compare safaricom faiba to this shitty Zuku my friend but again mtu hajawahi toka kwake anafikiriaga tableroom yake ndio the best. wewe endelea kukazana hapo na Zuku mimi nikipata option I will move on nd if need be nitahamia mtaa iko na Safaricom or any other ISP. Thats how serious I am when i talk about Zuku frustrations. Na napeana hii router yao mwisho wa mwezi pamoja na account please ukujie kabla niitupe kwa taka taka iende dandora

Truly, this must be the meaning of shitty.
21GB in 6 hours… wahhhhh, nomaree…this is serious.
Never pay for that internet again. Thats basically 3.5 GB per hour…fada lawd.
Try Safaricom. With 5 mbps, I do about 5 minutes to download a 1 GB video.

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Kuna watu hapa ati wanasifu hii kama achievement. I go for a trip i get photos like 5 Gbs and if i decide to back them to my flickr account it can takes two days. I leave my desktop running all day come in the evening napata ilipotea mid way i restart. It is the most unreliable internet we have in kenya. I now use Airtel data despite having a Zuku subscription.

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where is 5 here??

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@ Rene Descartes this is what good internet should feel like. This is my Airtel line