looking for a good fundi for furniture upholstery

any clue as to where i can find a good fundi to do full sofa sets upholstery located along thika road?

Hello @Lexix you have come to the right Person
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Not in Thika road. Check them out.

@Lexix I propose this man @syndicate. He does very good work.

achana na hao Niko na the best furniture

@syndicate will sort you


Hapo kwa syndicate umefika

@syndicate angusha sample esp za leather tucheki vile pigsty ikiisha itakua furnished.

@syndicate umeweza hii…hats Mimi niko na fundi. Tungechangamkia hip job haungeamini…but @ syndicate it is.

Nimejua at least naweza promote a fellow villager.

@syndicate hebu weka pictures of things you’ve created, there could be a lot of work available for you

Nilimshow afanye hivo akadinda

thanks guys for the help with contacts, i will contact them and find out who will help me more.
you have been of great help

Link where i can see some of your work?

Very nice discounts! I will try it later!